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Wine Bottles



Each month we feature a wine by an exceptional producer who we feel is doing

extraordinary work in the world of viniculture. 

This month we would like to introduce:



MGM Grillo “Angelo” Sicilia IGT 2018 

MGM Mondodelvino was founded in 1991, by Marco’s visionary father, Alfeo Martini, together with German and English friends, Christoph Mack and Roger Gabb, both oenologists.  Bringing these different cultures together resulted in a new open-minded way of thinking, and definitely a new approach to producing and marketing quality Italian wine. 


If you had to pick a favorite Italian wine region, you would probably find it impossible to choose just one. Areas growing favorite grapes like Pinot Grigio, Nero d’Avola, and Primitivo, just to name a few, cover the whole Italian boot from North to South. Through direct agreements with producer cooperatives and private estates, MGM’s team of enologists selects the best grapes which are then vinified in the production plants with the highest standards and top worldwide certifications.


                         MGM Grillo “Angelo” Sicilia IGT 2018

                                   100% Grillo; Certified Organic



















Winemaker Notes:  

Region: Petrosino, Sicily

Grillo is an indigenous Italian white varietal originally from the Puglia region and is widely used in Sicilian wine making, in particular, for making Marsala.


Pale reddish-brown soil rich in minerals known locally as “sciare” adds a good mineral component and texture to the joyous character.



Appellation: Aged in stainless steel vats


Tasting Notes: A light and lively wine with aaromas of lemon, tropical fruit, pear on the nose and apple and melon on the palate. A pleasant mouthfeel with just the right minerality and lengthy acidity. Refreshing, fruity, light-body. 

 Pairs With: Think about the Sicilian specialties: ripe tomato sauce, eggplant, shellfish, seafood pastas, salads, Mediterranean grilled seafood, ideal for appetizers, shellfish, and vegetable dishes.



Winemaker, Marco Martini


GRANCHI E ANGURIA:   Jumbo lump blue crab, watermelon, radishes, roasted sweet corn, purslane, calabrian chili.

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